Metapatterns Description
Spheres Containment; minimal surface area; balance; omnidirectional strength
Tubes 2–way transport; optimal surface areas; vertical strength
Sheets Capture; maximized surface area; 2–dimensional movement
Borders—Pores Separation (in & out); regulation of flow or exchange; obstacles; barriers
Layers (in general) Organization & Stability
Layers — Hierarcies Power & control moves downward; Information & materials move upward; obvious relationships between layers, but layering may be difficult to see
Layers — Holarchies Embedded layers; distributed control (if present); relationships between layers may not be obvious, but layering maybe easier to see
Layers — Clonons Building blocks; similarity as parts of a whole
Layers — Holons Functional wholes
Centers Organization & stability; attractor
Binaries Simplest complex relation; relationships; unification; coordination pairings
Arrows Flow; sequence of stages; directional relationships
Breaks Change; split; branching; transformation; dilemma
Calendars — Time Binary of movement & memory; progression; sequences
Cycles Repetition; recursiveness; circulations
Clusters Groupings; accumulation; proximity
Gradients Slopes; continuums; gradual changes
Flexibility—Rigidity Strength; resilience; adaptability
Webs & Networks Interconnections; networks of relationships
Emergence Birth; creativity; arising of new patterns or themes
Triggers Stimulation of a particular action or reaction